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God Grace Valuers

God Grace Valuers
We are one of the leading Mumbai based Registered Government Valuers certified in the field of Real Estate, Plant and Machinery for over 14 years. We always guides us to provide our clients with best solutions that makes their real estate holdings more productive, economically efficient and also keeps them coming back to us. In these 14 years we have also diversified our company into related Valuation fields. In these years we have built up a strong team of well qualified and experienced people in this field.


The company has worked for a wide range of clients including Banks and Financial Institutions, Developers and Promoters, various Organizations and High Courts. We are doing valuation of Land & Building (other than Agricultural Land), Plant & Machinery, Stock Valuation, Study of Techno-Economic Feasibility Reports, etc. We also offer Project Consultancy on Priority Sector, N.P.A Recovery and other Consultancy services.

Our offices at Vasai and Bandra is lead by two individual’s Mr. H.K. Narang (B.E., F.I.E., FIV., Chartered Engineer & Regd. Govt. Valuer) the Authorised Signatory of the company and Mr. Pankaj Narang (Masters Degree in valuation of Real Estate from Government Recognized University).


  • Year of Establishment : 1996
  • Awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 Certification recognizing the quality of service offered by our valuation firm.
  • Executed more than 17,000 valuation jobs for various types of properties including residential township developments, office buildings, industries such as Plastics, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Ceramic and Electrical & Engineering field.
  • We are on the panel of Nationalised, Scheduled/Private Banks, Co-operative Banks, Financial Institutions & Insurance Sector, Corporate, Public/ Government Sector. Click Here to view list of the banks with whom we are registered as Panel Valuer.
  • High Court of Mumbai in reaching judgment of the cases regarding real estate.


  • Comprehensive coverage of property under consideration along with the locational advantages, supporting (positive) and offsetting (negative) factors associated with the property.
  • Color images and photographs of the Property so as to give complete representation of property to the Bank.
  • Furnish relevant court judgement ruling whenever and wherever applicable supporting our valuation.
  • Provide Forced Sale Value along with Fair Market Value to enable the Bank to know the price under distress sale condition.

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15th JUNE 2010

HC quashes 33% extra FSI in suburbs.

15th JUNE 2010

Monorail in congested areas in Pune.

15th JUNE 2010

Builder fined Rs. 20 lakh for delay.

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